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Our Team

Anu Taksali

Anu Taksali

Serving as a CEO she has been a passionate entrepreneur for more than a decade now. She is a dynamic and proactive statistical professional with excellent analytical skills. She believes, "A person is judged by his action part, not by his words". Guiding in the planning, designing, implementation, maintenance, and support of the company's systems, she believes in quality and precision.
Gunjan Dhanuka

Gunjan Dhanuka

Serving as President and CTO, he brings in his expertise and 16+ years of extensive industry experience with the educational background of CPA, CA, CS, SAP Certified, ERP Consultant. He is a man of immense knowledge about Software Development, Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, Accounting, and Business Automation. He has years of experience with different multinational industries. He has a Performance-Oriented vision and is driven by goals.
Chandra Prakash

Chandra Prakash Sharma

IT Head
Karan Dhawan

Karan Dhawan

Product Manager

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