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"Only people with dreary existence can afford to forego privacy''.

In today’s scenario, each and every one of us perhaps wants to lead a secured life, being smart enough to sustain in this ever-changing world, for which we modernize our lifestyles. So why not replace our ordinary locks to a debonair one?

Though the smart locks come up on the extravagant side, it comes up with convenience as well as security.

Here we are, with an advanced technology; thus imparting utmost security, to serve the best of what we can give, with our Smart Hotel Door Lock.

It is a proficient and discrete notion, assuring you for all your security needs, as a best hotel door lock. These are the smart keyless locks for smart people.

Almost everybody of us has stayed in a hotel for some or the other reason, be it for a vacation, some official purpose or to spend some leisure time with ourselves, family or friends etc.; yet we still come across some circumstances which somehow prove to be the hindrances in our way to be worry less of what we are here for.

Rather than spending a quality time on a vacation or focusing on the official tasks, we get stuck resolving the security concerns at times in the hotels, often running to the administration department for help whenever there is some issue having access to the room.


  • Its keyless- Unlike other locks, it’s keyless.
  • It gives multi-user access- It facilitates multiple users to access at the same time, depending as per the requirement.
  • Allows remote access– You can access the lock remotely, via the application associated with it.
  • Manifests battery status– The battery percentage is shown online
  • Facilitates access to history online– It allows access to locking and unlocking history online.
  • Low battery alarm– A low battery alarm in the hotel lock indicates the urge to change the battery beforehand.
  • Multiple unlocking features– Our hotel door lock brings forth various unlocking methods instead of just one, i.e. the card, passcode, via Bluetooth.


Locks are mandatory, where ever we require some sort of privacy or security from the world out there. All the industries, be it educational, service, or any other, requires security on priority basis. We see various kinds of locks around us, wherever we go.

These are the locks, especially delineated for hotels as well as resorts; in order to put forward up to the minute using experience for the users as well as the owners respectively.

Guests will now be able to have a hassle free stay, without any such obstructions coming their way, going keyless. They would now experience privacy with security.

Hotel door locks are what we are going to talk about further. There are various types of locks we find in various hotels. They are either the normal nob door locks, or with the key locking system, or the RF card access locking systems.

In the era of advanced technologies, who doesn’t want to be amongst the bunch of smart people? Why to just compromise in terms of luxury when it comes up under a very nominal range but serves the utmost uses, with operational ease!

Say no more to problems like contactless door entries which we usually face with nob door lock; or losing keys in case of key locking systems; or none other than the hustle-bustle of getting the magnetic strip removed off the RF card.

Here we are with a discrete notion, and a compact design, that gives a finishing touch to the ordinary door locks. It is delineated to impart the optimum level of security to the user, eliminating the situations which make their stay a blunder for them.

Not just for the users as guests, but also the administration gets to have the ease of operation getting hands on these locks, since they face less issues and complaints from their customers.

The smart Hotel Door Locks are the most contemporary and the present day product, being asked for worldwide, since it caters all the necessities of an individual as a guest to a hotel.

-The best part about our Hotel door lock is that it does not require any change in the existing lock. It just requires a little modification in the existing hardware, making it economical yet the best version with advance features.

-It allows you to have a record of when was the lock accessed and by whom, for what time duration etc. It allows you to set a specific user for your lock, who you want to give access to or even set a time for how long etc.

With the help of this feature, you can be even more secure and worry less about your valuable belongings left over in the hotel while you go outside.

-Another additional benefit this comes with is the battery percentage. Usually the battery life of the lock is long lasting yet to some extent it consumes a lot of time in case of uncertain drainage of the battery.

In our locks, you can see the current battery status and take respective actions prior to the delayed situation where you have to wait for the battery to be changed just before you want to access the room.

Or else there is an USB port on the edge of the of the keypad, in case emergency use; i.e. if at all you find that the battery is dead while you try to have access to your room, you can immediately connect a cable to the USB port and open the lock at the same time and later on inform the administration to do the needful. This way you don’t suffer and wait outside any longer.

Illuminating all of the above, proves it to be the best hotel door lock.

A lock that offers optimum level of security along with services like no other, won’t be a mistake to go with. So why not grab the best deal coming your way?

Furthermore describing the operational features of the Hotel door Lock-


The problems that came across in the scenarios where just the nob is to be used manually; or having to use a bunch of keys for the same or the just the use of RF card, will be highly reduced or even vanished by using our smart lock.
  • The first method is by unlocking through the RF card, which is a quite common way of unlocking the lock and having access to the room other than carrying keys.
  • Another way to unlock is via Passcode.
    It could be permanent or a timed passcode. That majorly depends on the requirement of the customer. The permanent passcode is given once while you check-in and remains the same throughout. The timed passcode is for a specific period of time.
  • Another way to access the lock is via your mobile phone.
    Who thought that technology would make things so easy and secure in the nearing future..? But yes it is so. Everyone in today’s scenario is handy with their cell phones be it any generation. It is made possible to have access in just few clicks.
There are two ways of operating the smart hotel lock through mobile phones.
- One way of having access to the lock is via clicking on the unlock icon to unlock and long press on the same icon to lock it, which is done via Bluetooth connectivity through the app.

- The other way is to have access remotely. This can be done with the help of a Gateway, which is added additionally with the lock. This feature gives remote access to the customer. It can be brought into use by clicking on the remote icon on the app for unlocking it even if you are not present there.

This can be proved to be fruitful in case you want to know when the cleaning staff needs to acquire the room in your absence and for how long they will be present there.


A hotel door lock that offers more than what is expected out of it sounds extremely fortunate to bring in use. For the administration as well as for the users, having peace of mind is what is required the most rom the stressful consequences in our day to day lives.


In case of the administration, it eliminates quite a number of issues in a swift matter of choice.

The customer would not frequently ask for help like earlier they used to in case the key used to be misplaced. Even the card gets misplaced at times, or if not misplaced; the magnetic strip used to get off the card which again creates trouble for both the customer to rush to the management and the administration to fix the issue.

The battery drainage at an odd hour of the day often makes the situation annoying. Since it is a very basic and unfortunate issue that takes place, but yet it can be resolved by choosing the right option.

With the help of our lock, it exactly tells you the battery percentage so you can get it changed beforehand to make things run smooth.

An additional benefit that this hotel lock offers is that you can keep track of whosoever accesses which rooms, at what time, for how long etc.

This way the management gets an ease in maintaining the record of the staff, in allotting them the specific access to the specific rooms, which reduces the chaos tasks being undone or delayed without any reason.


In case of the guests, they get an additional security with privacy throughout their stay. They no more have to carry a key along with them always and keeping a check so that they do not lose it.

In case they forget the card for the meanwhile, they always have another option to access their room via passcode. If not the key, then the RF card is the option. If not the card, Passcode is the option.

Hence, the multiple unlocking accesses make it easier and convenient for them rather than rushing to the administration department quite often asking for help.

Hence a worry free and a satisfactory stay offered to them leaves a good impact on the hotel’s image, which increases the possibilities of making them a frequent customer in the long run.

Who doesn’t want to be smart enough to avail the maximum benefits of the advanced technology in today’s scenario? Why to stay behind the bars of upgradation? Looking for the right security solution? Get hands on our best Hotel Door Lock.

Experience the latest innovations in just a few clicks.As easy is its hassle free installation, so is getting hands on its operation. This Hotel Door lock bestows a very sleek and compact design to your ordinary door lock, enhancing its appearance.

Bringing together integrity with excellence, and a safer point of view, has this innovation been a boon to the hotel industry, serving the best of its purposes. Hence, we are here with the right solution for right security needs.

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