About Us

About Us

Under the umbrella of Dhanuka Electrotech Private Limited, KIASA'S International transportation and logistics solutions enable real-time visibility, tracking and control of transport assets as they move across the supply chain for improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, safety, compliance, customer, and customer retention.

We are the only complete integrated and unique IoT transportation solutions provider in the industry.

Whether you run a large or small business or operate trucks, trailers, refrigerated assets, multimodal containers, chassis or railcars, our technology allows you to manage any asset, any part of the world, from a single and easy-to-use platform with our smart telematics solutions.

What Is It?

Container Security SystemRemotely controlled container security system- locked and unlocked through secured access using online authorization over the internet.

Foolproof locking deviceFool proof locking device – physically inaccessible from outside making it safe from any misconduct.

Track and trace the containerTrack and trace the container operations information about the location of the container, lock operation and therefore logistics time for loading or unloading.

Help prevent cargo theft and enable recovery

  • Monitor container doors to help detect theft and enhance cargo security from origin to destination.
  • Stay in touch and employ panic buttons for drivers operating in high-risk areas.
  • Track stolen vehicles using GPS location information.

Reduce Risk and Improve Profitability

  • Combine cargo security with GPS tracking and asset management for complete in-transit and warehousing visibility.
  • Reduces risk and improve the bottom with rugged devices to help prevent intrusion and detect tamper notification, position/motion reporting.
  • Deploy easy-to-install, compact and environmentally-hardened devices and powerful web-based applications for added cargo security.

Reduce costs and increase profitability

  • Improved fleet utilization.
  • Optimized Operating efficiency.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Secure Cargo.
  • Enhance Customer service, experience, and value.

Bruce Schneier said, "SECURITY IS A PROCESS, NOT A PRODUCT" Security is not a one-time process, rather it is a continuous process. Optimization of fleet operations is a vital part of running a Supply chain business, but it is easier said than done. When it is one or two vehicles or containers, it is easy to track and manage. But as the fleet grows into hundreds and thousands, managing the operations manually is next to impossible. You need a robust security system, which not only secures the container vehicle but also helps in accurate report generation.

Hence to get an end to end security management and solution is the primary requirement for a business. Organizations/ businesses without technology are at a competitive disadvantage. Lack of visibility into Chassis or container fleet will result in longer dwell times, asset misuse and improper geographical distribution. In other words, it will negatively impact profitability.

An efficient telematics solution will have a tracking device, intuitive software, sensors and use of advanced technology and reporting system. Together these will work seamlessly and provide real-time visibility and insight into fleet/ container operations. Based on these reports and insights, businesses will be able to deploy their mobile assets more strategically and this will, in turn, increases the margins and mitigate the losses.

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